Join our list of sub-contractors, be a approved installer for Pps-UK-Ltd.

We have been in the industry for over 20 years now and have worked for SureSet for number of years training others all over the UK for them, we have also worked with numerous companies helping them to grow and create a good reputation for them self’s and now we offer our services to YOU at a small fee.

  • We offer full Training on how to lay Resin Bound Paving & Resin Bonded Surfacing.
  • We offer full support
  • We offer top quality materials at discounted prices.

Become an approved installer for Pps-UK-Ltd Resin Bound Paving Specialists

By becoming an approved not only can you purchase materials at trade price you also get passed leads in your area and surroundings.

Pps-UK-Ltd can offer full training at our own facility, with over 20 years of experience in the industry we have the knowledge to help you do the job right and therefore happy customers.

By signing up as a sub-contractor you will gain access to our trade price shop. We have different levels of trade pricing and the level of discount you will gain access to this is dependent on which level of Pps-UK-Ltd criteria you meet. These criteria include such things as how long your company has been established, level of resin turnover, verification of your business.

Pps-Uk-Ltd has spent the last 15 years using only the best materials on the market with proven records and pricing structure and as such we have optimised every aspect of this part of our business to make sure we get 100% satisfaction.

Once registered in addition to gaining access to trade pricing you will also have the opportunity to apply to become an registered contractor which will give you access to projects we are tendering on. You will also have the opportunity to quote on these projects.

Once signed up you will receive our Terms & Conditions of becoming a approved installer.