Patios-alternative patio surface

Patios are the go-to solution for turning your garden, or part of it, into an outdoor living area. A well-laid patio will integrate your home seamlessly into your garden, providing a solid and level surface for garden furniture and potted plants.

Well-designed patios are about more than just paving slabs – its positioning and layout are crucial to how much you enjoy this space. Before you start picking out patio ideas for materials and laying your patio, ask yourself important questions such as what will you use it for? How many people should it accommodate? Which part of your garden has the best aspect and sunlight? Will the patio have enough privacy? Best permeable surface.

Well we have the perfect solution! Resin Bound Paving as it provides a solid seamless permeable surface that come in wide variety of colours that will blend in with any boundary.  Resin bound paving is easy to maintain, no loose gravel, no weeds and looks great all year round.

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