Tree Pits

Resin Bound Paving Tree Pits

Tree pits are often an easy target for casually discarded litter, requiring disproportionate time and effort to keep these areas in pristine condition, Resin Bound Paving for Tree Pits will help resolve this issue, creating a safe clean area that is also Eco friendly & child friendly Suds compliant.

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Permeable Resin Bound Tree Pits need little maintenance, enhance the environment, eliminate the need for unsightly and costly metal grills and are much less likely to be vandalised. The unique resin bound structure maximises the voids between aggregate particles, allowing air flow and water penetration whilst still remaining tough and durable with sufficient flexibility to allow for tree growth.

Suds Compliant: permeable resin bound tree pits are fully Suds compliant and therefore are often the first choice for councils as a tree surround solution. The Eco Tree Pits permeable surfacing allows water to return to the natural water table. With issues surrounding flooding and pollution, a permeable surface is becoming essential.

Permeable Resin Bound Tree Pits is Non-Harmful to Plants All our products cure as an inert material, meaning that they are environmentally friendly and no danger to plants. PH values will remain unchanged by our resin and our tree surrounds can often act as a filter layer protecting the underlying soil from contaminants.

Alternative for tree grills
Tree grills & just mud around tree just collect lots of rubbish like cigarette butts, debris & needles that are not only harmful to the trees growth but also to children that seem to play around them. Replacing the tree grills & soil we can infill with a permeable Eco friendly resin bound paving system, that is permeable to help keep the trees in good health & safe for little ones and general public.

Resin Bound Paving Tree-Pit System is one of the most decorative UV stable urban tree design system specifically designed for the infill of Tree-pits. Resin Bound Gravel allows the ingress of water through the tree-pit to enable the tree to thrive without hindering its growth.

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